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Turweston Helicopters will once again be busy offering helicopter scenic flights at some of the best events across the UK, visit us on our "Bookings Page" to find out where we are and to pre-book your experience.

We also offer helicopter charter for Racing events / Sports venues / Music Festivals / Weddings / Sight Seeing / Filming. Our range of aircraft can accomodate from one person to any number required, please contact our Operations team for more information (24 hr - 07739 509336) or info@turwestonhelicopters.co.uk.

Limited OFFER! Turweston Helicopters are now offering a series of short tours (30 minutes) over the Northamptonshire,  Buckinghamshire & Oxfordshire countryside, a great way to enjoy the summer season. The cost is £745.00 + vat, the aircraft will seat up to 4 passengers.

We also offer full helicopter training courses from our base at Turweston Airfield, please contact our training department for more information - info@turwestonhelicopters.co.uk

Helicopter Flying Training

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Helicopter Trial Lesson

If you are not sure if flying helicopters is for you, have a go and try it!! For only £195.00 you can experience how it feels to fly a helicopter before you make up your mind.

A trial introductory flight consists of a full pre-flight brief of how the helicopter flies and how all the controls work before you go and fly for half an hour. After five minutes in the air you will be trying out the controls one by one until the flight instructor gives you all the controls and lets YOU fly the helicopter under supervision. At all times, your experienced instructor will be by your side to guide and assist you throughout the flight!

PPL Course

In order to qualify for the issue of a Helicopter Private Pilots Licence you must complete the following:

  1. A minimum of 45 hours flight training; of which at least 10 hours must be solo flight and 5 hours instrument appreciation flying.
  2. Pass seven ground school subjects, these are all multiple choice with exception to the RT, which is a practical test – Air Law - Meteorology - Human Performance - Helicopter Technical -
    Radio Telephony (RT) - Navigation and Flight Planning
  3. Obtain a Class 2 medical
  4. Obtain a Radio Licence
  5. Pass a qualifying solo cross-country flight and a skill test.

You can start flying at any age but need to be at least 14 to start logging the flight time. You must be 16 before you can go solo and 17 to take your flight test. You must be 18 before you can apply for a commercial licence.

You will need to obtain a class 2 medical during your flight training. (before you go solo). An Authorised Medical Examiner (AME) carries this out (we can supply a list of approved AME’s for your area).

If you intend to go on to a Commercial Pilots Licence (CPL), it is advisable to obtain a class 1 medical as early as possible.

How Often Should I Fly?

This will very much depend on your available time, and your financial situation. We recommend a lesson weekly, or every two weeks in order to keep continuity. Monday to Friday bookings allow for a quieter airfield, which can aid progress.

The Skills Test

After completion of your flying training, you will take a Skill Test. Your flying at this stage will be to a standard to enable you to demonstrate to the Examiner that you can fly safely and competently. The Skill Test consists of flying the maneuvers and demonstrating the techniques that you have learnt throughout the PPL(H) course.